9–12 October 2023
Paris Convention Centre  

9–12 October 2023
Paris Convention Centre

Industry supported lunchtime symposia

Monday 9 Oct
DHA Reduces Preterm Birth Risk: Expert Recommendations and Clinical Application
Hosted by DSM

Speakers: Dr Berthold Koletzko, Dr Susan Carlson, Dr Irene Cetin

Synopsis: This session will: 1) summarize clinical evidence related to DHA/omega-3 status and supplementation and preterm birth; 2) report on new recommendations from a global panel of experts and learned societies regarding DHA supplementation to reduce the risk of preterm birth; and 3) share implementable strategies for supplementation of pregnant women.
Under the spotlight: current and future management of alloimmunization in pregnancy Hosted by Janssen Speakers: Gian Carlo Di Renzo, Joanne Verweij, Eleonor Tiblad Synopsis: We are proud to present a highly educational satellite symposium on hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn (HDFN) that will take place on Monday, October 9, 2023, at 1:00–2:00 PM CEST. Three renowned experts – Gian Carlo Di Renzo, Joanne Verweij, and Eleonor Tiblad – will explore the profound impact of HDFN, its current management, and the unmet needs, while also shedding light on the patient’s experience and perspective. During this insightful program, the speakers will consider recent advances in treatment strategies and will engage in an interactive panel discussion on the current challenges and future directions in HDFN care.
High Intensity Focused Ultrasound-Noninvasive Treatment Option for Solid Tumors
Hosted by Chongqing Haifu

Speakers: Prof. David Cranston, Dr. Jordi Rodriguez Gonzalez, Dr. Sevellaraja Supermaniam

Synopsis: ​​​HIFU application and clinical trials in Oxford regarding different solid tumors; the pregnancy outcome from HUMT hospital (Spain) after HIFU for fibroids and results from a Malaysia center on HIFU treatment for adenomyosis will be shared in this symposium.
Protecting infants against Respiratory Syncytial Virus through maternal immunization
Hosted by Pfizer

Speakers: Philippe J. Descamps, MD, PhD (chair), Vice-President, The International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Head of Department, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Angers University Hospital Eric A.F Simões, MB, BS, DCH, MD, Professor of Pediatrics and Epidemiology, University of Colorado, Denver, Colorado School of Public Health Deshayne Fell, PhD Sr. Director, Scientific Affairs, Maternal RSV Vaccines Global Respiratory Vaccines and Antivirals, Pfizer, Inc.

Synopsis: This scientific session will provide an overview of maternal immunization including its benefits, the evolution of recommendations, and the impact on public health. Additionally, this session will review the RSV burden of disease landscape and present results from the Pfizer internal RSV vaccine and clinical development program
Tuesday 10 Oct
Addressing fears and myths in contraception: overcoming challenges
Hosted by Organon

Speakers: Gautier Chene (France) (chair), Carolina Sales (Brazil), Mitchell Creinin (USA), Farah Chaudhry (UK)

Synopsis: This session will present on addressing fears and myths on hormonal contraception, Importance of patient centered counseling and progestin-only contraception bleeding management. Education and increasing knowledge on the common misbeliefs/myths in contraception. Featured faculty will provide diverse expert perspectives form the medical community.
Linzagolix as a promising treatment for uterine fibroids
Hosted by Theramex
Championing Maternal Health: Nobel Prize-Winning Discoveries Transforming Preeclampsia
Hosted by Comanche Biopharma

Speakers: Allyson Felix, OLY, Melissa J. Moore, PhD, Professor Stefan Velohren, MD, PhD

Synopsis: ​​This program aims to deepen understanding, promote awareness, and inspire action against the pressing challenge of preeclampsia. Hear from the world's most decorated track and field athlete and maternal advocate, Allyson Felix, OLY, as she shares her experience as a preeclampsia patient. Learn from maternal-foetal medicine specialist and global authority on preeclampsia, Stefan Verlohren, MD, PhD, about the role of sFlt-1 within the pathophysiology of preeclampsia, its diagnostic and therapeutic implications, and how the currently available diagnostic tools have transformed his clinical practice. World-renowned RNA expert, biochemist, molecular biologist, and Moderna’s Chief Scientific Officer Emeritus Melissa J. Moore, PhD, will enlighten attendees about siRNA therapeutics, a groundbreaking outcome of Nobel prize-winning science, and their potential utility as a future option for treating preeclampsia. By bringing together these trailblazers, this program not only promises to deepen our understanding of preeclampsia's complexities but also to inspire collaborative efforts in advancing scientific solutions to this urgent maternal health issue.​Learning Objectives: Upon completion of the symposium, participants will understand: - ​the role of sFlt-1 in the pathophysiology of preeclampsia and the implications for diagnosis and treatment. - the value of the available diagnostic tests for early detection and monitoring of preeclampsia. - ​the clinician's perspective in diagnosing and managing preeclampsia and optimizing patient care. - how siRNA therapeutics work and their potential as a treatment option for preeclampsia. - ​the patient’s perspective and the impacts of preeclampsia.
HPV Vaccination: Latest updates for your patients and their families
Hosted by MSD

Speakers: Professor Philippe J. Descamps (chair), Professor and Chairman, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University Hospital, Angers, France, FIGO Vice President

Anna Giuliano, Professor and Director Center for Immunization and Infection Research in Cancer (CIIRC) American Cancer Society Clinical Research, Professor Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, FL, USA

Nancy Durand, Associate Professor, University of Toronto Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Toronto, Canada Haitham Mirghani, Professor of Head and Neck Surgery European Hospital, Georges Pompidou Paris, France
How can we change the lives of patients living with endometriosis?
Hosted by Gedeon Richter

Speaker: Charles Chapron (chair) (France), Paolo Viganò (Italy), Pietro Santulli (France), Sylvia Mechsner (Germany)

Synopsis: The purpose of this symposium is to investigate the reasons behind the potential delays in diagnosis and the subsequent effect on patients, along with current treatment pathways, in woman suffering with endometriosis. In addition, the new class of combination antagonists and their effect in treating endometriosis will also be presented.
Spotlight on maternal micronutrient needs: reaching expert consensus on best practice recommendations
Hosted by P&G

Speakers: Professor Irene Cetin (Chair),“Vittore Buzzi”, Children’s Hospital, Milan, Italy Professor Rima Obeid Saarland University Hospital, Homburg, Germany Professor Stefan Pilz Medical University of Graz, Austria Professor Roland Devlieger University Hospitals Leuven, Belgium

Synopsis:In this scientific symposium, leading experts will present the latest research on supplementation of key micronutrients in pregnancy and unveil findings from a new Delphi expert consensus analysis on current perceptions and practice. They will also explore the critical issue of maternal obesity and its impact on pregnancy complications/outcomes. 
Wednesday 11 Oct
Re4sons why estrogen matters
Hosted by Gedeon Richter

Speaker: Professor Jean-Michel Foidart (chair), Professor Mitchell Creinin, Professor Amanda Black

Synopsis: During this symposium we will review the key role of estrogens in woman's life. Professor JM Foidart will highlight the specificities of estetrol, as native and innovative estrogen. The role of the liver in different safety aspects will be addressed by Professor M Creinin who will also present the results available with the combination E4/DRSP in contraception. Finally, Professor Black will present the important unmet need existing for women reaching menopause before exploring the role that estetrol could play in that field for the future.
Global access to modern contraception: strengthening collective action
Hosted by Organon

Speakers: Mr. Neil Datta, Executive Director, EPF Ms. Véronique Séhier, Rapporteur of the CESE study, France Dr Raffaela Schiavon Ermani, OBGYN, Mexico Ms. Susi Fiedler, Chief Commercial Officer, Organon

Synopsis: This session will present significant findings from the first-ever EPF Global Contraception Policy Atlas. Featured panelists will provide diverse expert perspectives from the medical community, advocacy organizations, policymakers, and the private sector on the collective actions that need to be taken to ensure women have broad access to modern family planning services
Helping to protect the most vulnerable: The essential role of medical professionals in pertussis vaccination during pregnancy
 Hosted by GSK

Speakers: Prof Frank Louwen, Prof Didier Riethmuller, Prof Kathryn Edwards, Dr Jose Antonio Navarro Alonso

Synopsis: - ​Update audience on WHO position on maternal vaccination. - Explore the rationale behind pertussis maternal vaccination and emphasize its safety. - ​Provide an example of a successful pertussis vaccination program implementation, with a focus on the experience in Spain. - Discuss effective communication strategies when speaking to pregnant women about vaccination.​Intended for Healthcare Professionals only: Come and learn about the importance of pertussis maternal vaccination. This GSK-sponsored symposium will be led by four experts in the field and will focus on the rationale and mechanisms behind maternal pertussis vaccination and an example of successful programme implementation. We look forward to seeing you there! This meeting is organised and funded by GSK and intended for Healthcare Professionals. Aggregated data containing GSK products will be mentioned during this event. Prescribing information will be available.
A path to protection: vaccination in pregnancy and beyond
Hosted by Sanofi

Speakers: Dr Marta Nunes, Dr Olivia Anselem, Dr Bernard Gonik, Professor Feredrico Martinon-Torres, Dr Rodrigo Orozco Fernandez

Synopsis: Curious about the latest developments in prenatal and perinatal immunization approaches for the protection of pregnant patients and infants? Join us for an educational symposium on Vaccination in Pregnancy and Beyond, where an expert faculty will discuss the latest strategies, data and recommendations for protection against pertussis, influenza, COVID-19 and RSV.
From Guideline to Frontline: A Multi-partner – approach to implementing evidence-based recommendations for PPH.
Hosted by the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) and Concept Foundation
Thursday 12 Oct
Nutritional strategies to improve maternal and children health outcomes
Hosted by Nestlé

Moderated by: Dr André Lalonde, MD, FRCSC, MSc. National / International Women’s Health Specialist, Canada

Speakers: Dr Otilia Perichard PhD, RDN, Nutritionist and Researcher in Medical Sciences, Nutrition and Bioprograming Coordinator, Instituto Nacional de Perinatología, Mexico City, Mexico Prof. Irene Cetin - Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences at the University of Milan, Italy Prof. Shiao-Yng Chan, Associate Professor in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine National University of Singapore, Singapore

Synopsis: Find out which nutrients / micronutrients can help reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, prematurity, or improve fertility, nutritional status, and other maternal health outcomes. Also, an exclusive presentation of the new Nipper clinical study data featuring a unique nutritional solution.
Landmark Research to Reduce Morbidity and Mortality Due to Post Partum Hemorrahge
Hosted by Ferring

Speakers: Professor Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran, Professor Galadanci Hadiza, Professor Sheela Mane, PRofessor Arri Coomarasamy, Professor Anne Kihara

Synopsis: The objective of the symposia would be to discuss How to optimize the outcomes, save lives and improve the health of mothers by applying best practice for PPH prevention and treatment. To achieve by educating on the right combination of the use of clinical skills, uterotonics and bundle approach.

Breaking paradigms: Management of severe postpartum haemorrhage with rFVIIa
Hosted by Novo Nordisk

Speakers: Dr Gian Carlo Di Renzo, Dr Mirella Ezban, Professor Nandor Acs, Dr Jarmila A. Zdanowicz

Synopsis: The distinct speaker panel of Nándor Ács, Gian Carlo Di Renzo, Jarmila Zdanowicz and Mirella Ezban will discuss with the audience how recombinant activated factor VII (rFVIIa) can improve the management of severe postpartum haemorrhage. They explain the mode-of-action of rFVIIa, present efficacy and safety data and share practical considerations.
Vulvar pain and genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM): the role of injectable hyaluronic acid.
Hosted by Vivacy

Speakers: Pr Pierre Marès, Gynecologist, CHU Nîmes - Pr Philippe Descamps, CHU Angers - Dr Fabienne Marchand, Gynecologist, Nantes - Mr Denis Couchourel (Scientific & Medical, Director, VIVACY); Ph.D; MBA